an unseen helping hand

23 November, 2009

Week two of The Artist’s Way and I’m still trying to keep the scepticism in check and just go with the flow. This week’s chapter was interesting; a lot about scepticism (ie getting over it) – particularly towards the idea that there might just be an ‘unseen helping hand’ willing us to be creative… I read that and snorted, even though my own faith informs the writing I try to do to a large degree – and then I thought about all the planets that aligned that enabled me to be here in Norwich, doing this course. Lots of nudges, lots of opportunities – even down to yesterday morning’s sermon tying in directly to the Advent poem I’m trying to write at the moment.

I’m really hoping that this will be my experience sooner rather than later:

You will learn that it is actually easier to write than not write… You will learn to enjoy the process of being a creative channel and to surrender your need to control the result. You will discover the joy of practising your creativity. The process, not the product, will become your focus.

I’ll keep you posted…

This week’s post brought to you by the magic of new toilet-seats (yes really), finally getting the freelancing under control, thinking about the aleph-bet, and the Beastie Boys

3 Responses to “an unseen helping hand”

  1. matthew said

    yes indeed! Get into the process and the results will speak for themselves!

  2. maggi said

    I got a copy of the Artist’s Way some time back. I wasn’t convinced. The only seriously convincing point was “write every day”, which most good writers (though not all, notably the brilliant Salley Vickers) agree with, and Jerry Seinfeld puts much more succinctly:

  3. kayvee said

    thanks for that link Maggi – what a brilliant tip. I’ve printed off a calendar for the rest of the year and have got two big red crosses on it…
    I think I’ll stick with The Artist’s Way – certainly some of it is just plain odd but I’m enjoying a lot of the exercises and I think the morning pages are really helpful – so far anyway.

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