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15 March, 2010

Well, it’s the last week of term. We have one more workshop (tomorrow, at which I’ll have my last submission critiqued) and I have one more fiction class (although we have a couple more at the beginning of next term) and that’s it. A month off for the Easter holidays and then we’re into the dissertation period.

I can’t believe how quickly this term has gone. It’s been hard work, in all sorts of ways, but good, too, and I definitely feel that there’s been a bit of a change in both my writing and in the way I write. I still haven’t got really good work rhythms nailed down, which is a bit depressing, but I’ve always got there in the end.

What’s really terrifying is that after tomorrow we don’t have any more formal workshops. Next term we’ll have supervision with a tutor as we work on our dissertations, but apart from that, we’re on our own, pretty much. Our tutor this term has told us that it’s important that we keep meeting regularly on a more informal basis, and I’m guessing we’ll break into smaller groups to do that (as not everyone is actually based in Norwich). So that’s one thing; and I was recently been invited to join another, non-UEA workshop group. So hopefully I shan’t disappear into a slightly crazy, isolated mist of solo poetry-writing.

It’s quite interesting looking back at everything I’ve written this term. I think they all seem a bit more connected to each other than last term. A few pieces about being connected to the elements. A few that address the reader very directly, with a strong sense of imperative. A few dealing with the heart. This time around as I work on them getting ready for submission as coursework at the beginning of next term I’ll give myself more time and hopefully will be able to push them further rather than just edit/tinker round the edges. But we’ll see…

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