first-class work

18 June, 2010

The big news this week is that I got my coursework marks back from the fiction module that I took last term, and the result I got was so unexpectedly good that I actually misread it as 10% lower than it was, for about five minutes, because even getting that lower mark would have been an absolute delight. It was deliriously exciting, of course, but also a bit confusing, because it was just so much higher than any of the marks that I’ve got for my poetry. I don’t want to say that writing prose is easier than writing poetry, but I can tell you that I worked a lot harder, and for a lot longer, on my poetry than I did on this particular prose extract. So. I’m not quite sure how to rearrange all that in my head.

One thing that it has done is given me a fresh sense of urgency about the time I have left. Unless I take on some more part-time work over the summer (something I’m agonising over at the moment), I have until the beginning of September to give my dissertation every ounce that I have, and this last mark I got was so good that it (perhaps) makes getting a distinction a possibility, though I don’t really know how the mark scheme works. So there’s that. But also it would be great to use these last few months to finish the novel that my fiction coursework was an extract from, so that it’s as complete as possible before I have to go back to work. I don’t know how realistic that is, but it’s something to aim for – certainly I can get the first draft finished.

Meanwhile the poetry’s coming slow. I really need to step it up a gear. Or start digging deeper and in a more focused way.

Here’s a lovely thing: I have to confess to never listening to Poetry Please, but I did send in a request for a poem at some point last year – I can’t really remember when. So imagine my surprise when, sitting on the beach last Sunday, I got a text telling me to turn on the radio. If you go to 11.45 here you’ll hear a favourite poem of mine (rather over-read to my ears), and the reason I like it.

This post brought to you trips to the seaside, big surprises and epic amounts of fun

2 Responses to “first-class work”

  1. KB said

    That’s great news! You’re clearly just going to have to move to the longer form. Sometimes I think it’s like a form of madness wanting to write. I wonder if it would be better to just have been born someone who loves rubbish TV. Life would be easy then πŸ™‚

  2. kayvee said

    But I don’t want to be like Don Paterson saying the only reason he’s a poet is because he’s not good enough to be a jazz musician! And yes, definitely a form of madness. It disturbs me that I love poetry more than almost anything else, and yet I fight it so hard… Whereas the fiction just comes. Why is that?

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