all dried up

13 August, 2010

I’m feeling the opposite of the weather, which is doing a lot of raining at the moment (at least in Norwich). I have a long list of things I thought I wanted to write about, and lots of notes and research in my notebook, but it all seems dead and dry and dusty. I really have no idea what to write about. But I still need to generate new material (as well as edit the work that I’ve already done). It feels a bit desperate, to be honest. I’m trying to do some writing exercises to loosen myself up and get things flowing, but it’s not working so far.

Last week was a good week, at least: I got three good new drafts done (which is very fast for me), and two of them I thought had a lot of promise. One came as a bit of a gift when I was trying to write something else, and I was hoping that something similar might happen this week. No luck so far.

Looking at the drafts on my wall (twelve beautiful pages of poetry) it’s clear that I have lots of work ahead of me – both in terms of finishing the dissertation and also the longer journey of writing in general – but I think I’m beginning to see how much I’ve changed and developed over the course of the year. Hopefully my writing is showing more confidence, more boldness, more fluidity. Hopefully. There are a couple of pieces on there that, once finished, I think I’ll be really pleased with. There’s something different about them: they have a freshness and a force that I often feel my writing lacks. But who can say: that’s probably for other people to decide. And hopefully there are some quite different poems up there: both in terms of subject matter and also style. Poems about dogs, buttons, newborn babies, seeds, swifts, climbing, dreams, break-ups, violin lessons, sunshine. Written in free verse, sonnets (my favourite, including an experiment with footnotes), hymns, riddles and my own made-up forms.

So. Two more weeks. The final push. Wish me luck…

This post brought to you by too much daytime tv, too much tea, too much rain and the return of tummy butterflies.

One Response to “all dried up”

  1. pupski said

    I know what you mean I have dried up too! I am looking forward to reading your new poems!

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