‘Labour well the minute particulars: attend to the little ones…’ (William Blake)

In September 2009 I left London and my job to move to Norwich and do a full-time creative writing masters, in poetry, at UEA. This is my diary (hopefully updated twice weekly) of what I’m doing, learning, reading, thinking about and of course writing. It’s going to be an interesting year…

Other blogs I’ve written are To make is such. Let us make. And set the weather fair, a very infrequently updated record of things I’ve enjoyed; and fifty-two poets, a record of a year (2008) reading a collection of poetry every week.

7 Responses to “labour well the minute particulars”

  1. Jamie said

    Hi, I’ve just got caught up in reading through your various blogs – wonderful writing from start to finish! Are you doing any writing at the moment?

    – Jamie

    • kayvee said

      Jamie – apologies that I’m only just replying to this! Thanks so much for your kind words; I miss writing the blog(s) and keep meaning to start up again, but feel a lack of something to hang it all from… The poetry’s taken a bit of a backseat at the moment while I try to finish off my children’s book, but I’m trying to get going again at the moment…

      • Great to hear you are still writing something! If you ever need a publisher, I run one called Valley Press based in Scarborough (www.valleypressuk.com), would be great to hear from you – especially with a manuscript or book idea in the works! – Jamie

      • kayvee said

        Jamie – got a few ideas kicking around – will e-mail you…

  2. linus said

    hello. I followed the link from the GB website and landed up here – just wanted to say thanks for your talk on the monday eve, which i really enjoyed. Keep up the good work =] I wondered if you’ve ever come across the architectural theory ideas of Hearth, Threshold and Vista? There seemed to be a connection in my head at least between these concepts and a lot of what you were exploring. Cheers.

    • kayvee said

      Thank you, Linus – much appreciated! It was a very different talk to the one I did last year (which was much more poetry-focused – you can get hold of it here if you’re interested: http://www.greenbelt.org.uk/shop/talks/details/GB10-104), but I really enjoyed it. I haven’t come across the architectural theory you mention – I’ll keep a look out for it, thank you. I have read Gaston Bachelard’s beautiful ‘The Poetics of Space’, which I meant to mention in response to that first question I was asked, in particular his chapter on ‘the phenomenology of roundness’…

  3. Hi Katherine! Love the poetry. I am a friend of Wendy Grisham who told me to contact you in regards to Hodder, I will be speaking at Green Belt this year if we might be able to connect there? Keep writing!!

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